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May 2022!

Intimate Ceremonies

With Rev. Mary Scott Soo, 

Interfaith Minister

About Rev. Mary Scott 

Greetings! My name is Mary Scott Soo; friends call me Mary Scott or Scotty. As an ordained interfaith minister, I have delighted in performing wedding ceremonies in North Carolina since 2012. Witnessing the precious moments of love and connection between the bride and groom during ceremonies is always a complete joy and privilege for me. It would be my pleasure to help you create a personalized ceremony and officiate your wedding on your special day.

Wedding Ceremonies

Gratitude Chapel Weddings


For couples desiring an intimate ceremony (20 or fewer people), I officiate weddings in the Gratitude Chapel at Love’s Way, which provides a beautiful setting for small family weddings, or even a lovely alternative to an appointment with the magistrate.

Preparing the Wedding Ceremony


In preparing for the wedding day, my goal is to help couples choose and create a ceremony that reflects what is most meaningful to their relationship and lives together. Whether you desire a spiritual, interfaith, religious or humanist ceremony, I would love to join with you to create a completely personalized ceremony. Together we can develop the elements of the ceremony that most reflect your love story, your desires for the service, and navigate and honor family and religious traditions and backgrounds.


Or maybe you desire a traditional religious ceremony, or an intimate humanist elopement? We can use traditional ceremonies of your choice, or a range of pre-scribed ceremonies from which you can choose.

(Photo credit: Anna Rudd Photography)

Many married couples desire a meaningful and outward way to re-affirm their love for one another, renew their commitment, and share this celebration with family and friends. I offer vow renewal ceremonies to reflect the deep, ongoing connection and commitment the couple has cultivated over their years of marriage, happily incorporating loved ones into the celebration.


For couples desiring an intimate ceremony, I officiate vow renewals in the Gratitude Chapel at Love’s Way, which provides a beautiful and peaceful setting for small family ceremonies.

Vow Renewals

Baby Blessings,


Welcoming Ceremonies

Precious newborn babies bring overwhelming love and heartfelt joy to growing families.  As an interfaith minister, I offer baby blessings, baptisms, christenings, naming and welcoming ceremonies that align with parents’ family values and religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions. Celebrating the gift of newborn life, these joyful ceremonies are personalized for each event and can happily incorporate parents, grandparents, siblings and friends into the celebration.

                           (Photo credits: Soo Digital Media)

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