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Spiritual Retreats

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Six Hours of Silence

Self care and self awareness are critical for optimal health, happiness and fulfillment. Dedicating time in our busy lives to recognize and release the seemingly incessant mental chatter that fabricates our worlds can bring healing, insight and peace. Individuals or small groups (10 or fewer) are invited to be our guest for a six-hour silent retreat in Gratitude Chapel, led by Rev. Mary Scott. Enjoy the benefits of silence, meditation, self-reflection, and refreshing walks in the garden. Contact Mary Scott for further details.

Individual Silent Retreats
in Gratitude Chapel

Deepen your self care and alignment with your spiritual life through a personalized, individual silent retreat in Gratitude Chapel. Contact Rev. Mary Scott to discuss details.

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Two Hour Tune Up

Individuals are invited to "tune in and tune up" during 2 hour silent and deeply reflective sessions led by Mary Scott.  Sessions include personalized combinations of spiritual reflection, guided meditation, prayer, nature walks, intuitive counseling and spiritual healing. Contact Mary Scott to schedule sessions.




Accept our 


with Rev. Mary Scott.

Relax and renew with conversation and a cup of tea with Mary Scott. Contact Mary Scott for available dates and times.

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